Friday, August 20, 2010

Wanna know how those cool super bowl ads are made?

How to use a short commercial to promote your business on the web

I was recently asked by a client to develop a 1 minute video to get people excited about the start of football season. Now, that's quite a stretch for me if you know anything about my background and the fact that football in my native homeland is played with feet and only one person (the goalkeeper) is allowed to use their hands.

Needless to say what I found interesting during my research was that those fancy super bowl half time commercials can be created without the mega budgets doled out to such projects by big companies. Especially if all you want is the ability to show such commercials when visitors find their way to your website.

Here's the recipe we followed for the football project:

Prep Time
1-hour meeting to discuss goals and objectives

Cook Time
1 week of video composition and editing

Ready In
10 days after review and sign-off

A storyboard to describe main video theme
A few pictures taken during home games
A video clip showing some football highlights
A song preference to synchronize with video
Logo and color preferences

Using iterative design, client reviews progress each day and comments on or recommends appropriate changes.
Once composition and editing are complete, the video is made available to a larger audience for review and feedback.
Video is then incorporated into website as the first thing a user sees when they navigate to the site. Always remember to give users a choice to skip video and go directly to site.

Okay, we went a little over. The actual video length is 1 minute 14 seconds long, but well worth the extra time! Click on the cat image above to check it out.

If your website could use a little sprucing up with some intro animation, just drop a note or call for a free consultation.